Azarus for Creators

It all starts with Azarus

Add Azarus to turn your stream into a multiplayer experience for your whole audience. Learn more below about leveling up – and increased rewards!

Unlock AZA credits for your streams

AZA credits are a unique currency that can be redeemed in the Azarus Store for all kinds of gaming rewards. Select Azarus streamers will have these credits enabled on their streams in the following ways:
  • A streamer is chosen by the community via a weekly Discord vote to have AZA credits unlocked on their streams
  • A streamer's audience participation levels up their livestream to unlock AZA credits
  • The Azarus team reaches out directly to certain streamers to enable AZA credits on their streams
Boost Viewership
Boost Viewership
Gamify Your Stream
Gamify Your Stream
Improve Engagement
Improve Engagement
Earn Credits
Earn Credits

Leveling Up Your Stream

Together, streamers and their community can level up streams. With each new level, more minigames and AZA credits are unlocked!
Level 1
REQUIRED: Azarus Overlay extension installed on your channel
Trivia questions
Level 2
REQUIRED: Azarus Broadcast App installed and connected to your Azarus account
Attention questions
Prediction questions
Level 3
REQUIRED: Win the vote to have AZA credits enabled for your channel in #channel-levelup in our Discord
AZA credit rewards for answering questions
AZA credit rewards for watching your stream
Level 4
REQUIRED: Accumulate >100 unique Azarus players during a streaming session
AZA credit raffle drops
Azarus players can stake AZA credits for Attention and Prediction questions
Streamer Bonus: 1% of the total AZA credits distributed on your stream will be transferred to your Azarus wallet every month
Level 5
REQUIRED: Accumulate >500 unique Azarus players during a streaming session
πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ More details to come soon! πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€

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